Dr. Kenneth H. Underwood, CCM

Senior Scientist
Certified Consulting Meteorologist

Dr. Underwood is a graduate of the Penn State University where he received his PhD in meteorology with an emphasis on boundary layer turbulence and remote sensing of the atmospheric boundary layer using ground based instruments and systems.  During the past 35 years, he has developed several remote sensing systems and instruments that are currently in use worldwide.  He applied his unique combination of skills using his understanding of the atmosphere to the instrument designs based on advanced digital signal processing techniques for the development of cost effective, operationally adaptive and power efficient autonomous field systems tailored for wind energy, air pollution monitoring, airport monitoring and research applications.  Dr. Underwood is currently working on projects that study the propagation of sonic booms  and high frequency radio waves through the atmosphere.   Dr. Underwood owned and operated Atmospheric Systems Corporation from 2005 to 2014.  Prior to that he was a Director and Vice President of AeroVironment, Inc. for 18 years and a Senior Scientist at XonTech, Inc.  He also taught at the Meteorology department at Florida State University and is currently an adjunct faculty member at Antelope Valley College where he teaches courses on meteorology and physical science.  Dr. Underwood has been a certified consulting meteorologist since 1991.