Don Lehrman, CCM

Senior Scientist
Certified Consulting Meteorologist

Mr. Lehrman, the founder of T&B Systems, brings to his profession more than three decades of experience in the atmospheric and computer sciences. Focusing on boundary layer transport and diffusion processes, and drawing from his considerable experience in field measurements, data validation and verification, he has managed and designed a wide array of meteorological and air quality field studies throughout the United States. Mr. Lehrman is expert in implementing data acquisition systems for aircraft and shipboard measurements as well as standard land-based measurements. He has been a key participant in numerous noteworthy meteorological and air-quality field studies and analyses programs. Among these are the 2007 Wyoming Upper Green Winter Ozone Study, the 2005 Clark County Regional Ozone and Precursor Study, the 2004 Clark County Ozone Characterization Study, the California Regional PM10/PM2.5 Air Quality Study (CRPAQS) and the Central California Ozone Study (CCOS) monitoring and data analysis projects. In 2010, Mr. Lehrman sold T&B Systems to Mr. Baxter and Mr. Bush, but continues to provide periodic support for T&B Systems.

Mr. Lehrman is a Certified Consulting Meteorologist, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology from the University of California at Los Angeles.