David Bush

Senior Scientist

Dave Bush has over 35 years experience with air quality and meteorological measurements, and QA as it pertains to air quality and meteorological monitoring programs. He has performed over 450 air quality monitoring system and performance audits, and has been instrumental in developing new audit procedures, particularly in the auditing of meteorological monitoring systems. Mr. Bush has specialized in the quality assurance of air quality data processing and management facilities, long-term monitoring programs, and QA support to government air quality agencies. These specialties have lead to him becoming the Quality Assurance Manager for a number of large projects, including several key epidemiological studies relating air quality to health. He currently manages QA support contracts for the the Santa Barbara County APCD PSD air-quality monitoring network and the Health Effects Institute. Mr. Bush was the co-Principal Investigator for the 2007 Southwest Desert/Las Vegas Ozone Transport Study, the MAG PM10 Source Apportionment Study, and the 2005 Clark County Ozone and Precursors Study.

Mr. Bush holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Atmospheric Sciences from the University of California at Davis.