Radiometer at South Coast Air Quality Management District’s LAX site

Surface air quality and meteorological measurements only provide a limited amount of the information required to understand the processes governing pollution transport and dispersion, noise propagation, and the like. A complete understanding requires a three-dimensional investigation of the boundary layer that can only be achieved by physical measurements. T&B Systems is unique in our experience with a variety of boundary layer measuring techniques that includes:

· Radar Wind Profilers

· Radio Acoustic Sounding Systems (RASS)

· Doppler Acoustic Sounding Systems (SODAR)

· Radiometer Temperature, Humidity and Liquid Profiler

· Balloon-borne Meteorological Soundings (Rawinsonde)

· Balloon-borne Ozone Soundings (Ozonesonde)

· Tethered Balloon Soundings

· Tower measurements

During the recently completed Central California Air Quality Studys (CCOS and CRPAQS), T&B Systems’ staff were responsible for three SODAR site operations, rawinsonde and ozonesonde measurements at four locations, and Tower-based meteorological and air quality measurements at several levels to 1,600 feet.
In addition, other members of our staff not directly involved in the field measurements were responsible for the quality assurance oversight the complete network of sodars, radar profiler and RASS systems (25 sites).

Moreover, T&B Systems owns and operates a GPS-based rawinsonde system enabling winds to be measured with unsurpassed accuracy and temporal/vertical resolution