Special Study Design

T&B Systems excels in the design and implementation of air quality and meteorological monitoring to address specific and unique air quality issues.  These issues range from the measurement of the vertical distribution of air pollutants within the boundary layer to the investigation of the unique conditions creating wintertime ozone in portions of Wyoming, to the deployment of a temporary “saturation” network of portable samplers to define the spatial distribution of pollutants within a study area.   To successfully meet these monitoring goals, we draw upon our extensive experience in air quality and meteorological instrumentation, network telemetry, surface-based upper air instruments, balloon-borne, aircraft and drone measurement systems.  We have integrated on-board measurement systems for both aircraft and surface mobile monitoring platforms for many projects, as well as long-line sampling systems for measuring vertical air pollution profiles.  We are particularly skilled in the operation of Sodar and wind profiling systems for above-ground wind measurements.  Whatever your unique measurement needs, our experienced staff will design a cost effective system to meet your study goals.