Data Management, Displays and Automation

Support of an in-house server cluster to poll, process, validate and serve client data via password protected access from an Internet connection.  This includes real-time collection and display of data as well as automated alarm functions for notification of out-of-tolerance measurement variables.  The highly flexible system allows the collection of data and images from specialized instrumentation such as SoDARs and remote profiling systems to the automatic ingest of data from virtually thousands of stations nationwide.  We developed the system starting in 2003 to support high wind event monitoring in the desert southwest, and have expanded the capabilities to now support over 100 stations, including the surface-monitoring network operated by the South Coast AQMD.  Operational integrity is maintained through automated daily backups to additional on-site servers, and offsite data backups nightly.  Additionally, the primary servers are cloned monthly to provide the ability to restore operational status rapidly in the event of a server failure.  A set of backup server hardware is maintained for rapid exchange in the event of a failure.

Our in house team of specialists have developed methods to automate data screening for specific project needs.  This allows clients to receive alarms via email or text for any measurement or diagnostic that they would like to monitor. This has allowed T&B to deliver higher data capture rates and smooth operations.

Data Management, Display and Automation Services