During the winter of 2017, under a contract to Sierra Research and the Alaska Department of Environment Conservation, T&B Systems, conducted an intensive, three week saturation study of wintertime PM2.5 concentrations within North Pole, Alaska.  The study consisted of the deployment of a network of 12 portable continuous PM2.5 samplers and two sonic anemometers within a 16 km2 region.  This fixed-site sampling was augmented with a mobile PM2.5 monitoring platform installed in an SUV, which was driven along defined routes for 12 hours each day.  Preparation for the study was accomplished in less than two months, which included the acquisition and testing of all equipment, and the design and construction of portable enclosures that were suitable to the harsh sampling environment, with ambient temperatures routinely falling to -30ºC.  All equipment was assembled at T&B Systems’ Valencia office, allowing for a very rapid in-the-field deployment of only three days.

(Photo: NY Times)

12-25-2016 New York Times Article – Alaskans’ Cost of Staying Warm: A Thick Coat of Dirty Air