Data Management and Display Services for the South Coast AQMD

T&B Systems provides website data management services and online graphic display of real time data from a network of over 40 surface air quality and meteorological monitoring sites in the South Coast Air Basin operated by the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD).  The online system provides streamlined access to the data for review and analysis and provides tools for data download, report generation and for alerting operators of site instrument malfunctions.  The real time display includes a variety of useful graphs for both time series plots and geographical maps of the data.  T&B Systems enhances the effectiveness of the SCAQMD surface monitoring network by providing an ideal solution for managing overall site performance and minimizing data loss and enabling easy access to the data on the web.  Additionally, we merge data from other sources into the database to allow analyses to be performed using an enhanced set of data in addition to what is provided by the SCAQMD network of stations.