Sodar and Particulate Monitoring Operations

Since 2009, in an ongoing contract to the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality started, T&B Systems has been providing support in the data logging and telemetry for a mobile trailer equipped with BAM PM10 and PM2.5 samplers and a meteorological station.  The mobile station was designed for obtaining continuous PM measurements in remote areas throughout Wyoming.  Data are collected hourly through a cellular modem, processed for additional parameters in real-time for display and alarm notifications, and then forwarded to the State of Wyoming for posting on their real-time web page.  Included in this contract is support of an ASC miniSoDAR for obtaining wind profiles from the surface to 200 meters in a region with high wintertime ozone concentrations.  Our expertise is used for the polling, processing, display and analysis of real-time data that is used for forecasting and evaluation of pollution events.