From 2013-2016

T&B Systems performed upgrades on the Met Network of the largest air district in the United States (South Coast AQMD).
The key issues that needed to be addressed were:

1. Split the signal of all met measurements to transition from ESC 8800 to ESC 8832 loggers and confirm measurements
2. Clean up wiring
3. Install matching instrumentation across the network
4. Design a wiring panel for easy instrument installation and servicing
5. Power all met sensors from one stable regulated power source
6. Bring Data online for live visualization
7. Output signals to data loggers with no more than 2 cables per logger.
In order to address the issue T&B Systems developed a custom wiring panel for the Met systems to be installed at the data logger rackmount, or on the wall near the data logger rack. All meteorological instrumentation is powered and all analog signals are ran and can be measured through the wiring panel.
Once the instrumentation was installed a full calibration was done on the systems.

From 2018-Current

T&B Systems is performing Meteorological tower upgrades for Bay Area AQMD’s network.

SCAQMD Burbank Site Before

SCAQMD Burbank Site After