Coachella Meteorological Monitoring Network

Since 2012, under an ongoing contract with the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), T&B Systems is providing monitoring support of four monitoring stations in the Coachella Valley and one at SCAQMD headquarters. T&B Systems retrofitted the original stations and upgraded equipment so that the stations are operating with new sensors, data loggers, power, and reliable communications.  Data are processed on a monthly basis with posting of monthly tables in standard PDF format to a publicly accessible web page. Innovative communications systems, real-time processing and graphics generation allow for site data to be posted in real time on the Internet.  Through this project, the GPRS technology was implemented for real-time communications using dynamic IP address protocols.  This marked the future of wireless data communications, and allowed T&B Systems to be the first to implement it using GPRS technology.  The scope of the data processing effort was expanded to include processing of all surface data collected by the PAMS surface and upper-air network.