Campbell Scientific Integrators

T&B Systems has over 30 year experience in designing, integrating, managing, and operating air quality and meteorological monitoring networks throughout the United States and abroad using Campbell Scientific equipment.

T&B Systems specializes in taking on the integration of Campbell Scientific equipment to a higher level.  This includes automated data acquisition systems, displays, automated diagnostic checks, live alarms, real-time web displays, climate control, remote sensing technologies and mobile monitoring systems.

State of Alaska’s Pm 2.5 Study (Winter 2017)

Mobile Monitoring vehicle using a Campbell Scientific system.

Mobile Monitor system with climate control, for extreme cold controlled by a CR300 datalogger

Oceano Dunes Pm10 Monitoring Program (2016-Present)

Off the grid EBAM digitally integrated into a Campbell CR1000 logger met station. This allows for real time alarms and data displays resulting in efficient operation.

Wind tower and EBAM digitally integrated into a CR1000.

Live data display of EBAM tower site.